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Today, the most convenient way to trust management is the MAM account (Multi Account Manager)
Trust management is a good way of investing for people who do not have experience in trading in financial markets. Today, there are several varieties of this investment scheme, differing both in the degree of convenience for the investor and in the legal aspects.

The company Brilliant Market has developed special software to solve many problems. You do not need to buy an expensive PAMM account license or pay a lot of money for the maintenance of the MAM program.
Now it will be convenient for your clients to trade on several accounts. This application gives you a big plus to increase your company's customers.
Up to 100 accounts
We have developed a completely new account management algorithm and now our MAM program can simultaneously copy up to 100 client accounts.
Execution time up to 5 m/s
The program works without delay copying. The maximum delay time is 5 ms with the maximum load when using 100 customer accounts.
Manual orders
Absolutely all orders are copied as manual orders for all customers.
No MT4 terminal
You do not need to open the MT4 terminal for each account and load the VPS or the work computer, everything happens without the use of terminals or plugins for the broker server.
Personal trading servers
The broker gets the opportunity to "register" only his trading servers, which will not allow the manager to use your software for third-party brokers.
The system of distribution of funds takes place according to the rollover system (installed by you yourself), if you still need integration in MT4/5 we can offer this option.
No need for broker managers to add account numbers at the request of the manager, which greatly reduces the burden on your employees, allowing them to do only the necessary work. Also, an intuitive design and ease of use allow you to start copying transactions to any manager.
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